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What our customers are saying


I've had over 10 piercings done by Sam, he's always clean and professional. He really takes his time to explain the process and always invite you to come back with any questions. In addition his staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the products and services. I've referred many people to go see him. Keep up the great work!

Sabryna Acevedo



There's always great costumer service, all the employees are friendly and helpful with any questions we have. Very clean and organized piercing shop. Never fail to satisfy, from piercing to stretch earrings hoops clipped on, to all the fancy, cute, cool jewelry. I highly recommend this place before any other I've been too.

Carla Fontanez


Sam has done all of my piercings. Besides my ear lobes. And i would never want to go to anyone else. The girls behind the counter are always very sweet and have good conversations with me if there's a wait to get pierced. Sam is very professional and always makes you feel comfortable. 

Mariah Joubert


Body art is amazing! I would definitely go here for all of your piercings. The workers are so sweet and answer all of your questions. Sam who does the piercing is super kind and makes sure the piercing process is as comfortable as can be.

Caitlin Malone


The ladies where great as I walked in... I was a little more excited than they expected I think, but had to work myself up for the experience... Sam your AMAZING it was nothing that I expected a breeze you sure made it thank you so much, never once did I feel uncomfortable and you definitely made my experience 100% worth it quick and easy in and out with no hesitation, I'll will be back for more most definitely! #GotBothMyNipplesDone

Desiree Simard


What a great experience! My daughter had to have her ears re pierced after an infection. I felt very comfortable with their knowledge & cleanliness! 

 I would recommend to anyone needing a place for their daughters.

Laura Barry



Had another great experience here today! Walked in and decided today was the day to get dermals, the ladies at the front were awesome and shared personal experiences with the piercing making it a less nerve racking time. Sam did an amazing job at making the piercings perfect. I will definitely be returning for more piercings later down the road.

Jaclyn Voorhees




Always friendly and polite, employees are very nice and excellent helpers who are not only intelligent but enthusiastic about the product of which they sell, also have a very wide collection of products. I say this store is a 5/5 in my opinion!

William Heald


My wait time was very quick for my piercing. I ended up getting a nostril and two helix (cartilage) piercings. Sam was very nice and friendly and guided me through a quick and painless experience. I would recommend to anyone needing a place for their daughters.

Cassandra Osei


I was very impressed with the cleanliness and service from Body Art Piercing. Sam was extremely professional and made you feel comfortable. When I asked him to help me put in an earring I purchased, he did it for free, and even offered to change the size of the barbell for me. The girls at the front were knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. Plus, it was much cheaper than other places I've been. Overall, I am VERY pleased with my service here, and will continue to go here to purchase jewelry and get pierced. Highly recommend!! 

Lauren DeGennaro


Me and my girlfriend walked in and they assisted us right away, I felt very welcomed. Also, Sam did a very professional job and I would go back here next time! We had a great experience!!!

Samantha Bond



I visited Body Art back in late March and wanted to give my new nose piercing a few weeks to heal before writing a review.

Judging by the 5 stars, I feel as good about Body Art now as I did back then!

Everything was sterile, comfortable, and the piercer was very kind. I'm the absolute worst when it comes to pain, so I was nervous. But he reassured me and the straight needle stick and jewelry placement was over in seconds!

The prices are great, too. It's easy to think "mall prices" and be totally turned off, but they were very reasonable. I paid $30 for the piercing and starter corkscrew stud, then another $10 for H2Ocean cleaner and a spare stud.

10 / 10 would return again!

Bethany Rock


Great store with an awesome variety of body jewelry I've been shopping for my plugs here for about 2 years now and gotten 3 piercings from Sam . It's the only place I go now

Joseph Gorman


I love this place. Sam has done all my piercings and I've loved them all. He is definitely the best person to go to for any piercing.

Adriana Aucella



This is an AMAZING shop!!! The jewelry is gorgeous, abundant, and reasonably priced. All of the employees are passionate and knowledgeable about their job, and there are no cheaply made products or piercing guns anywhere! I was able to purchase three barbells and get my piercing professionally changed on a clean, private area by a professional all for under 15$. I will definitely be returning in the near future for both piercing services and jewelry. Thanks Body Arts!!!

Bri Granger


So amazing very clean and professional I got my septum pierced today and Sam was so great I almost passed out after my piercing and he made sure I was a 100% okay before he would let me leave he gave me water and everything overall had an amazing experience Sam was very quick and calm and i will definitely be coming back here again

Karrisa Renee


I love the shop, i am very please and i am there every week buying new piercings & i love the people that work there. Their all polite, helpful always smiling and always welcoming us back. I def. Reccommend this place. Sam has the most gental hand when it come to piercing i def. Reccommend everyone to see him. Def. Great experience.

Stephanie Thornquist


I ' ve gone to body art for my nose, tragus, and conch, and industrial. Every time i go the piercer is phenomenal! Their jewelry is excellent as well. The girl with black hair (i don't know her name) is awesome! I plan to go and get my nipples done by him. Many people that see piercing place in a mall tend to stay away, but this place is great. Ill continue to go to body art for piercings and jewelry.

Christine Welch


Awesome, awesome service. It was so quick and relatively painless and so very professional. The girl working was so helpful and sweet and the man who did my piercing was very gentle and trustworthy. If I were to get another piercing, I definitely go through Body Art again!!!

Pester Ghast


I won't go anywhere else for piercings, Sam is the best and everything is always so clean and sanitary

Tori MacEachern


Great service, fairly quick & painless piercings! I'll definitely be back!!

Taylor Elliott


Very nice place..very satisfied

Christine Levesque


I got my nose done three days ago and Sam was so wonderful. He did it all with sterile needles and no bleeding. My nose doesn't even hurt anymore and I came back with a question and the associated were very nice and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone. They're amazing!

Ashley Ryvaskian


Very good place... I have no complaints........

Danielle Small

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